The Best Kebab in Roma is Open!

Come and Visit us in via di S. Maria del Pianto 65
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Oriental Fonzie: Premium Oriental Food, Kebab a Roma

Oriental Fonzie is the spot in Rome where you can find the real Kebab:
a homemade kebab, selected kosher meat, homemade sauces, seasonal products.

And there are only two places in Italy where you can find the Codfish Kebab…

Your Kebab in Rome

Are you looking for a  Kebab in Rome that is good, fresh and homemade?
You just find it.

Every day at Oriental Fonzie you will find 3 Kebab: Chicken, Lamb and Vegetables or Codfish.

We prepare them every morning. All the fillings and the 8 sauces are homemade.

And you’ll always find Falafel with hummus, Salads, fried potatoes, Burik and Suduch.

Here's how it Works

You can have your Kebab with: Pita, Laffa or On Plate.

Once you’ve chosen the bread, add your kebab (Meat, Vegetables or Fish), 5 condiments between the 12 available and your favorite sauces.

And remember: Kebab is not junk food, but street food.
And here at Oriental Fonzie you will find Premium Oriental Food.

Our Proposal

Quality meats, kosher certified, homemade marinated. It took 2 months of testing to be able to do it the way we wanted, but we did it. Our advice? Shawarma Kebab Tel Aviv: Kebab, hummus, cabbage and mayo, green salad, marinated zucchini, caramelized onions.

White cabbage, purple cabbage and Pak Choi: colorful, light and veg. Vegetable kebab is the ideal base to add your fillings. We recommend completing it with homemade Falafels: try the Shawarma Veg Yemen with our Vegetarian kebab, zatar potato chips,  falafel, dried tomatoes, green salad, aioli garlic sauce, sesame.

Dried and blanched cod, homemade marinated. It’s a really balanced and tasty base for your fish kebab. Among our favorites, Shawarma Djerba: codfish kebab, pickled cucumbers, marinated cabbage, tartar sauce, aioli, green salad and … grated lemon.


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